Welcome to Bikram Yoga in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. We offer classes seven days a week in traditional Bikram Yoga taught by Bikram certified instructors.

Our studio features a state of the art 4,000 cfm heating system, designed by Chad Clark. Though the studio heats to 110 degrees, you will remain fairly comfortable in class because of the ample air flow this system provides. Our ventilation system also incorporates a bio wall - an ultra violet air purification system that kills 99 percent of viruses and bacteria that pass through it.

Classes are 90 minutes and designed for practitioners of all levels. With Bikram Yoga, you can expect to increase your flexibility, build strength, improve your circulation, concentration and balance. We think the best thing about it is that "cleaned from the inside out " feeling that stays with you for the rest of the day. We invite you to come and try a class, work hard, sweat a lot, believe in yourself, have fun and feel better.

Julia Olguin, Director